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$100,000 pick 'em challenge

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Be one of over 200 winners all season long!

Pick the winning teams each week to be a weekly winner and pick the most winners throughout the season to win $2,500 cash!

Pick em' Week 2 Leaderboard

# Player ID First Name Last Name Prize
1 PT200000200 MARK MICHLER $1,000 Free Slot Play
2 PT200063731 DOUGLAS BOLD $750 Free Slot Play
3 MD001792214 ROBERT J MCMICHAEL JR $750 Free Slot Play
4 PT200057749 JANE CONTY $500 Free Slot Play
5 PT200052170 ANTHONY SCIULLO $500 Free Slot Play
6 MD001207358 DUSTIN ROTOSKY $500 Free Slot Play
7 PT200015672 CATHY SNYDER $250 Free Slot Play
8 PT200000444 PATRICK SARSFIELD $250 Free Slot Play
9 PT000197981 MICHAEL TAFT $250 Free Slot Play
10 PT200011085 ELIZABETH BODEN $250 Free Slot Play

Promotion Details:

Begins 8:00AM Monday, September 5, 2022 / Ends 12:00PM Sunday, January 8, 2023

Location: Casino Floor

  • All Live! Rewards® members who earn 100 tier credits each week are eligible to participate.
  • Starting at 8:00AM on Monday, guests who earn 100 tier credits unlock the ability to pick the winners.
    • Guests must earn 100 tier credits between 8:00AM Monday – 12:00PM Sunday each week to earn that week’s picks.
  • Guests can participate once each day.
  • The 10 guests with the highest number of winners picked each week will win Free Play prizes.
    • 1st Place: $1,000 Free Play
    • 2nd – 3rd Place: $750 Free Play
    • 4th – 6th Place: $500 Free Play
    • 7th – 10th Place: $250 Free Play
  • Free Play will be added on Tuesdays by 12:00PM.
  • In the case of a weekly tie, the tie breaker will be based on the player with the earliest pick date/time.
  • The top 30 guests that have participated in every week of the promotion with the most points at the end of the season will win cash and Free Play prizes.
    • 1st Place: $2,500 Cash
    • 2nd Place: $2,000 Free Play
    • 3rd Place: $1,000 Free Play
    • 4th Place: $750 Free Play
    • 5th Place: $500 Free Play
    • 6th – 20th Place: $250 Free Play
    • 21st – 30th Place: $100 Free Play
    • Last Place: $500 Free Play
  • The guest that has participated every week with the lowest amount of picked winners will win $500 Free Play.
  • In the case of a tie at the end of the season, all guests with the highest number of points (one win = one point) will go into a manual drawing to determine the winner of the $2,500 cash.

To view the full set of rules for the $100,000 Pick 'em Challenge please click here.

Must be a Live! Rewards® member. May participate once each week. Live! Casino will not be held responsible for a patron's failure to respond to his/her name being announced. Free Play $999 and under will expire 24 hours after issuance. Free Play $1,000 and above will expire 30 days after issuance. Management reserves the right to change, modify or cancel any program without notice. Visit the Live! Rewards Club for Rules & Details. ©2022.