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Cash Drawing Giveaway

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Cash drawings Sunday, December 26 12:00PM-6:30PM

Time Prize Time Prize
12:00PM $250 3:30PM $100
12:30PM $100 4:00PM $100
1:00PM $100 4:30PM $100
1:30PM $100 5:00PM $100
2:00PM $100 5:30PM $100
2:30PM $100 6:00PM $100
3:00PM $100 6:30PM $250
  • If there is no winner on the first draw, we continue to draw for $50 & the remaining money rolls into the next drawing!!!
  • One hour of carded play earns one ticket
  • JP eligible cash games qualify
  • Qualify December 20 thru December 26


  1. Must be 21 or older.
  2. Guests must be present to win, have a valid ID, and a Live! Rewards Card.
  3. Guests will have 30 seconds to contact a poker room supervisor to claim their prize.
  4. For the cash drawings, if there is no winner on the first draw, we will draw for $50 until we have a winner, and the remaining money will roll to the next drawing. 
  5. At the 6:30PM drawing, we will continue to draw until a winner claims their prize.
  6. Players can win more than one prize.
  7. Drawing tickets are earned each hour played in Jackpot eligible cash Texas Hold’em games by swiping their Live! Rewards card at the table.  
  8. Drawing tickets are earned from Monday, December 20 at 12:00AM thru Sunday, December 26 at 6:29PM. 
  9. Virtual tickets are automatically added to the virtual drum.
  10. Names are drawn through the Bravo Random Seat Generator program.
  11. Must be a member of Live! Rewards.
  12. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that casino play is registering on Live! Reward® Card.
  13. Anyone found to be violating the integrity of this promotion may be disqualified. 
  14. Any promotional prize not claimed after 72 hours, will be returned to its original fund.
  15. Funds will come from the Reserve Jackpot and/or Promotional Marketing Fund
  16. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion.
Pending PGCB Approval