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How To Play Stadium Blackjack

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It’s classic blackjack with a twist. Try to beat the dealer as you place wagers on up to three hands at a time through an individual play station while a Live! dealer draws the cards.

How To Play Stadium Blackjack

Stadium Blackjack is unlike standard blackjack, this game is played on an electronic wagering terminal. You will buy in by inserting cash and/or a gaming voucher into the terminal. Prior to the start of the game you will place a wager along with an option to place a side bet wager. Lucky Aces and 21+3 (see side bet info for payouts.) The dealer then begins the game by dealing one card face up to be used as all players’ first card, second card face up to be used as the dealer’s first card, third card face up to be used as all players’ second card, the fourth card is dealt to the dealer face down. You will then have options identical to standard blackjack; surrender, stand, hit, split, double down, and insurance. Rather than being asked for a hand signal, you will select your option on the terminal. The game has a countdown clock. If you take no action on your hand at the conclusion of the countdown clock and your hand totals 11 or less, you will receive a hit. If your total is a hard 12 and higher, including a soft 17, your hand will stand. After all decisions have been made, the dealer will deal community cards, which will consist of your hit cards. All wagers will then be settled electronically. When you leave the game, you will cash out by printing a slot voucher which can be redeemed at a ticket redemption unit or the cashiers’ cage or be used at any table games table or slot machine

Button Features

  • Press “COLLECT” to collect your winnings
  • Press “HELP” for game information and paytables
  • Press the icon to choose your language preference
  • Press “SPLIT” to split your first two cards
  • Press “SURRENDER” (please refer to the HELP screen for details) to surrender your hand in exchange for the return of one-half your initial base game wager at the end of the round (if the Dealer does not have a Blackjack)
  • Press “DOUBLE DOWN” to double your current bet - you will receive just one card following this action
  • Press “INSURANCE” if the dealer has a first card ACE to bet an additional one-half your initial wager If the player has a blackjack and the first card of the dealer’s hand is an ACE, your initial wager loses while your INSURANCE wager pays 2 to 1 All other actions including SPLITS or DOUBLE DOWNS will be returned to the player
  • Press “STAND” to remain on the current total of cards you have
  • Press “HIT” to take another card

Optional Side Wagers

Prior to the start of the hand, players may elect to bet on one or both of the side bet wagers.

Lucky Aces

Lucky Aces side bet is to bet on Aces being dealt in the first 4 cards (first 2 cards for the Player and first 2 cards for the Dealer).

Hand Pays
4 Aces 500 to 1
3 Aces Same Suit 250 to 1
3 Aces 20 to 1
2 Aces Same Suit 8 to 1
2 Aces 5 to 1
1 Ace of Diamond 2 to 1
1 Ace 1 to 1


21+3 side bet is to bet on a three cards combination (the first two cards for the Player and the Dealer’s face-up card) and does not affect the basic strategy on the game of Blackjack.

Hand Pays
Straight Flush 30 to 1
Three of a Kind 20 to 1
Straight 10 to 1
Flush 5 to 1


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