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Banachek's Mind Games Live

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Banachek is bringing his World-Famous Las Vegas act to Live! Casino Pittsburgh!

One night, two mind blowing shows

  • Show One

    Saturday, March 11

  • Show Two

    Saturday, March 11

Witness the world's greatest mentalist Banachek inside The Venue Live!™ as he brings his world-famous Las Vegas act to Live! Casino Pittsburgh for one night and two mind blowing shows that will leave his audience questioning everything!

Banachek, the mentalist pioneer, has performed on major TV shows from CNN Live all the way to the Today Show while appearing on and producing over 100 TV shows for Criss Angel! On top of Banachek’s achievements in television he has appeared in major magazines and newspapers from the New York Times to the National Enquirer.

Banachek is the most awarded mentalist in the USA while winning the Psychic Entertainers Creativity award, resulting in becoming sought out as a consultant by major magicians and mentalists in the USA and abroad including Penn & Teller, Criss Angel and David Blaine.

Banachek is the first person to be chained, handcuffed, and buried six feet under the ground and escape. Others have tried, others have, failed others have died!

The Penn & Teller closer, ‘The Magic bullet’, performed in Las Vegas for many years was created and performed first by Banachek which led to Penn of Penn & Teller calling Banachek’s show, “The greatest mentalist act, in the world.”

Buy your tickets to see Banachek inside The Venue Live!™ on Saturday, March 11 NOW by clicking the below links or by visiting!