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Code of Conduct

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For the comfort, safety and security of everyone on our premises, the following expectations have been established for all of our guests. 

Live! Casino & Hotel reserves the right to refuse entry to any person unwilling to comply with the Code of Conduct:

• No weapons of any kind are permitted on premises

• Chains, locks, laser pointers, or other items that presents a risk of harm to person or property, are prohibited

• No inappropriate behavior, loitering, solicitation, substance abuse, intoxication or criminal activity will be allowed

• Items like masks concealing identity are prohibited.

• Equipment such as digital cameras, video cameras or other devices intended to record are prohibited inside the casino. Should you wish to capture your memory with a photo we will be happy to assist you

• Outside food is not permitted

• Beverages (alcoholic or any other type) may not be brought into or taken from the premises

• No pets are permitted (service animals excluded)

• Pennsylvania Law dictates that all casino guests must be 21 years of age to enter. We reserve the right to verify identification and age of all guests. You must possess a valid Government Photo ID (Driver's License, Passport, Military ID, etc.) Expired IDs, Paper IDs, or those which are unreadable are not accepted

•  Smoking is restricted to designated areas in the casino. This includes, electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.

• Face-covering apparel might be subject to additional security requirements.

• All bags are subject to search. However, individuals are free to refuse the bag search and enter the establishment without the questionable bag

• No loitering or solicitation is permitted